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There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth;

1. not going all the way
2. not starting

Elements of a retreat

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Meditation & Yoga

yoga retreat

Stunning nature

yoga retreat


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Quality support

Design your own retreat

Each one of us is unique.
What each one of us needs in order to relax, to re-connect and be rejuvenated and filled, is completely unique and individual.
At the Secret Garden Retreats you can design your own retreat package so you can use your time wisely and receive the most benefits as possible from your retreat.
Together with the staff you can decide your program and the different elements of your retreat. The staff will stand 100% by your side to make sure that you achieve your goals.  Most people receive more then they hoped for.

yoga meditation retreat

What can we offer  you for your retreat?

  • Support and guidance to help you design your retreat and goals.
  • 4-star accommodations in nature, no noises expect for the birds and the river flowing by; excellent for a silent retreat.
  • A staff that is highly qualified and walk their talk; they are passionate and committed for you to get what you came for.
  • No distractions.
  • Highly personalised: the Secret Garden is specialized in small and individualized retreats; there is a high chance you will be the only person there besides the staff.
  • Professional coaching for life, nutrition and transformation is available when you need it.
  • Guidance, support and inspiration for your meditation and/or yoga practice.
  • Home cooked, organic and delicious meals served at times that work for you.
  • Massages; full body, hot stone and foot reflexology is offered.
  • Hot-tub for the winter months for that extra relaxation for your body.
  • We are situated on a river right in a national park. Unspoiled nature with great hiking opportunities and wild swimming in the river.
  • High level spiritual teachings to reach spiritual freedom delivered in an accessible way.
  • Association of like-minded people who love in depth conversations and awareness expanding discussions.
  • a spiritual retreat as an unforgettable experience.







No distractions

How does it work?

What is it that you like to receive from doing a retreat?

Then you decide:
  • what your goals are and what you want to achieve
  • the duration of the retreat
  • the date of the retreat
  • where you like support and guidance from the staff
  • how much interaction you want with others

One of the staff will be in contact with you to help you design your retreat. We are completely committed to you reaching your goals and have the best possible experience ever.

Some people like to come and want minimal interaction. They like to  spend their time in silence. We bring the meals to their accommodations and see very little of them. We have accommodations where you truly feel left "alone" in nature. A great power comes from having absolutely no distractions in this way.

Other people like to be on a schedule and want more interaction with us. For us we hold it that we go on the journey with you together. We might start the day together doing yoga followed with a healthy yummy breakfast. Then we might meditate together and discuss some. Lunch is served. The afternoon is usually spend alone, exploring the beautiful nature surroundings or just sitting around in gardens of the Secret Garden. We come together for tapa's and have a great meditation for the evening.

There are so many different possibilites. If you like to explore what the possiblities are to create your own retreat we invite you to request a personal retreat program designed to your needs to reach your goals.

Receive a personal retreat plan for free!

You will receive:

  • a  half hour free consultation to discuss your needs, goals and desires
  • a proposed retreat program, highly individualized to your needs and goals, including the costs and what is included for your retreat, by email
  • all of this for free and no obligations

To request your free retreat program, please fill out the form below. 

This highly personalized program is free of charge and will be send to you with no obligations.

Request your retreat program today!

Anything else you like us to know?
Would you prefer to talk by phone or Skype?
Phone or Skype name
What would you like to achieve in your retreat?
When would you like to come and for how long?
What days and times are a good time to talk for half an hour?

What people say:

relationships program
"The space is so pure and free from any belief or dogma"
"Thank you for being so sensitive to my needs"
"You have given me back a husband that can't wait to come home to me"
I wanted to do a spiritual retreat for many years but could never find the right place to do it. I feel very fortunate to have found Ian and Rose at the secret garden retreats. They helped me design the perfect program for me. I was there for 16 days and each day I got exactly what I needed to keep going further into myself. The space that Ian and Rose create is so pure and free from any beliefs or dogma. I felt I moved spiritually so much, more then I normally would achieve in a year. I am planning to come back once a year for my yearly retreat and hopefully bring my partner also.

P.S Ian's massages are the best!

Chris Molenaard, UK
November 2015
I have been looking for a long time for a place where I can do my yearly silent retreat and I found the perfect set up at the secret garden. I stayed in the orange yurt which is in an orange orchard, completely quiet and so comfortable. I gave the staff my phone and tablet and Ian would bring me my meals so I had no distractions whatsoever. Ian and Rose where there for me when I needed them. They did yoga in silence with me in the morning and sometimes we meditated together at night. I had a conversation with Rose twice when I felt stuck. She has a keen insight and helped me to clear my mind  and let go more. I did not need much and this was just perfect for me. Thank you for being so sensitive to my needs.

Ida  - Sweden
March 2016

Creating my own retreat was the best thing I have every done in my life. My life felt automatic and I felt tired and knew I had to find something new. It was clear to me that I was not going to find it outside of myself, but I had no idea how I was going to find it within. The program Rose helped me to design was spot on. I found what I needed and got so much more thanks to the acute perceptions shared so lovingly and compassionately by Rose. Ian is just God inspired and his massages are truly the best. And then there is the great food, the beautiful river and the great yoga and meditation sessions. Don't hesitate, just go! You will not be dissapointed.

Constanze, Germany
April 2016