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Unplug! a 2-day Mountain Retreat Vacation

This mountain retreat vacation is designed for people with little time yet need time out to unplug, be pampered, let go of stress, in order to be renewed and rejuvenated to live their best life!

This retreat offers an opportunity to step out of the raging river of your life and spend time with yourself, in the tranquility and stunning nature all around.
You can allow your stress to melt off you and bring great peace and inner balance to your body, your mind and your life.

You decide what dates work for you. Let us know what you want to achieve and we put together a program that is tailored to you achieving your goals.
mountain retreat vacation

What can I expect at this mountain retreat vacation?

  • Have every minute of this retreat be dedicated to you
  • The staff of the secret garden is available to you 24/7 to help you get the most out of your retreat
  • See anxiety and stress dissolve away quickly
  • Have time to relax and regenerate your over-taxed nervous system.
  • Receive coaching to identify stress and stressors and discover what you can do to shift them and your reaction to them.
  • Learn valuable tools for removing and managing the stress in your life
  • Immerse yourself in meditation and/or yoga practice.
  • Learn ways to leave your worries behind
  • Be inspired to lead a healthier lifestyle
  • Have time to be in nature and enjoy this beautiful unspoiled nature retreat
  • Take stock of your life
  • Gain clarity on the direction of your life
  • Eat delicious home-cooked meals made from local-organic produce
  • Ajuice program for detoxing is also available as part of this mountain retreat vacation






Sample of a 2-day program

Arrival from 2pm
Raw fresh juice upon arrival
tour of the Secret Garden and time to settle into your accommodations
delicious, home cooked organic meal enjoyed on the terrace under the orange trees
a check in session: checking in  to what your goals are and setting up your retreat specifics for the coming 2 days
foot massage before going to sleep
Long & restful sleep ( people sleep here 25-50% longer then at home!)

Yoga - stretch session upon awaking
Fresh, organic delicious breakfast (juices in case of detoxing!)
Rest time
Coaching session: to identify the stress and or stressors in your life and learning how to deal with them
Rest time
a full body massage
Rest time
Tapa's - a delicious evening meal, wholesome - light and nutritious
Rest and meditation
Long sleep

Yoga - stretch session upon awaking
Fresh, organic delicious breakfast
Rest time or enjoy walking or swimming in nature
Coaching session: to complete your visit
Time to relax
Departure around 4pm


The price for your mountain retreat vacation is dependant on your program.

For a free price estimate for your retreat, please fill out the form below.

Tell us about what your goals are, when you like to come and what you would like your retreat to look like.

For a FREE estimate write us today!

What is it you want to achieve in this retreat?
What date do you have in mind to come?
What do you want to include: massage, yoga, meditation, coaching, juicing etc.
Anything else you like us to know?
What people say:
  1. Annabel Kühn
    I am a doctor and my practice is taking a lot out of me. But I love it. A weekend of being pampered by Rose and Ian felt like 2 weeks of holidays. I feel deeply rested and filled and can give abundantly to my patients again. Thanks Secret Garden!
  2. Juan Marco Gomez
    A weekend at the Secret Garden is just what I needed. I am glad I found you. Your methods are profound and the place is a paradise. I will be back for your home made vegetarian sushi. Take care of yourselves too!
  3. Jessica Nelson
    Wow, I can not believe what you guys can accomplish in 2 days. I literally walked into your doors stressed out, overwhelmed and tired. Now I feel so relaxed and filled, ready to go back to the UK and take back control of my students again. Thank You!