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  1. Love, love & more love
    Love, love & more love
  2. Strong, Detached, Surrendered
    Strong, Detached, Surrendered
  3. Be still and know that God is here
    Be still and know that God is here
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The holiday season is such a wonderful time of joy as we share our love and gratitude with each other.
At the Secret Garden Retreats we also use this time to look back on the past year and reflect on what has happened and specifically what we have accomplished.
As we reflect back on each retreat that happened in 2018 we feel filled with so much joy and deep gratitude.
Each one of you and your visits has given us many gifts and left the Secret Garden changed: brighter, stronger and richer.

We want to thank each one of you for your commitment and your efforts to transform yourself and make a difference in this world, each and every day!

In gratitude from our hearts, we like to send you a little gift every day, starting today, for the next 9 days, into the New Year.
We wish you a meaningful time with friends and family, much joy and time to think about what’s really important for you so you can head into the coming year with new focus, energy and purpose.

With a warm embrace,

Ian & Rose
We invite you & your friends to join us tonight  for a
Christmas Eve Meditation
to honor the many saints, masters and teachers
who have given their life to bring light into this world.

The link to the streaming:
Gift 1
Missed last nights Christmas Eve Meditation? Need to meditate?

We have selected some of our favourite meditations for you to enjoy over these holidays.

You can find them at the following link:
Gift 2
Today we like to share with you our favorite cookie! It is an oatmeal-cranberry-walnut cookie. We love to eat this one when we are working outside, and lunch time is coming and we do not feel like stopping for food. One of these cookies fills us up beautifully to keep going a little bit longer.

Here is the recipe:

Gift 3
A gift of support to keep up your yoga practice and take care of your body.

A Yogameditation with Ian. Enjoy!

A YogaMeditation with Ian.

Gift 4

As you know, we love music. The transformational and inspirational quality of music can be so powerful.
Today we like to share with you our favorite and most played songs of 2018.
Gift 5

We are always breathing but most of us are unaware of the great tool our breath is. Deep conscious breathing can increase our focus, our level of energy, alkalizes the body,reduce stress and help us change our emotional state.

Today we share with you a breathing practise with Ian.
Gift 6

Our fridge is always stocked up with these delicious balls. They are created from nuts, dried fruits and oats; All raw! You can make them in so many different flavors. This recipe is our favorite. And for a little extra decadence: roll them in cocoa! YUMMY

Gift 7

Join us for a New Year's Eve meditation.
Out with the old and in with the new!

If you missed the meditation you can find it here:

Gift 8

Happy New Year! The best moment to reflect and reset your goals. Please find attached some inspiration to get you going!

Gift 9