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Mastering Relationships

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yoga retreat

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Lasting partnership

Couple's Retreat

This couples retreat is about forming a solid base so you can experience, live healthy relationships and thrive in them.
A strong and healthy relationship can be one of the best supports in your life.
A good relationship adds greatly to the quality of your life. Together you can accomplish so many more things then on your own.
A great relationship helps you to grow, it brings the best out of you and encourages you be more of who you are.
When a relationship is unhealthy it can hold you back and you can suffer greatly.

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What can I expect at this couple's retreat?

  • Learn about yourself and your partner and how to create together an intimate, unconditionally loving and legendary relationship.
  • While enjoying this most beautiful nature resort, the Secret Garden, situated in a nature park on the banks of the rio Genal.
  • Be pampered with delicious, gourmet organic meals.
  • Nurture your body, mind, heart and soul further with yoga, meditation and massages.

You will learn:
  • What your true values are in relationships
  • What your needs are, what your partners needs are and how all needs need to be met to create sustaining and lasting relationships.
  • How to deal with relationships problems and issues and overcome them in a positive way.
  • How to get to the root of one of the main relationships problems / issues and free yourself from it.
  • Tools on how to bring passion and intimacy into the relationship.
  • How to build a deep and lasting connection while supporting each others individual growth.







Check into your rooms any time after 2pm.
Relax & Enjoy the resort grounds and the river with its hiking trails.
Welcome dinner and set up of your retreat at 7pm with facilitators Ian & Rose.

DAY 2 - DAY 6
These days will be set up with a program to support you in reaching your relationships goals. Part of the schedule is a 3 hour teaching and coaching session. There is also the opportunity to start your day together with a personally coached yoga & stretch meditation session. Massages, meditation and yoga session are offered upon request.

Have a delicious breakfast and completion coaching session with Ian and Rose.
Check out is at 12 noon.
Drive to the airport for your return home or you can book more nights to enjoy this beautiful resort a little while longer.

2019 Couple Retreat dates

12 - 18

09 - 15

09 - 15

2 - 8

If one of these dates do not fit your schedule please contact us on the form below and let up know what dates work for you. We might be able to offer you this retreat at your requested time.


1815Euro per couple

What's included

  • 6 nights of accommodation in the guesthouse or luxurious yurts (glamping).
  • all meals: homemade, ecological & mostly vegetarian with some fish and chicken and are absolutely delicious.
  • a 5-day program that is set in place to reach your goals
  • a full body massage for each!
  • 1 month of support and a follow up program to give you support at home
  • all materials offered in the course
  • unlimited Natural Mountain Spring Water and organic teas throughout your stay
  • all local taxes

What's not included

  • Air fare and transfer from the airport
  • travel insurance
  • any extra nights at the Secret Garden...but are offered to retreat participants at a discount.

Extraordinary partnerships,
are not the result of good luck,
great chemistry
or convenience.

Master communication

What people say:

relationships program
"We feel more love and passion then when we first met"
"I feel respect and am respected beyond my expectations"
"You have given me back a husband that can't wait to come home to me"
We have not been in a relationship for very long; about 8 months now. I really want to not waste any time and make my relationship the best it can be so I decided to seek out some help.
We met Ian and Rose at their retreat in Spain and it was the best investment I ever made.
By doing the program we realized we are serious about our relationship and want to make it last. And we feel we can do it with all the tools and skills we received at the retreat. We moved many old paterns out of the way and learned how our strengths can help us with our issues. I feel respect and am respected beyond my expectations. Our sex has also become much more passionate. A great bonus!
I can recommend this to anyone, especially when you are just starting out. Good luck!

Josh & Marlies Hoogaard - Holland
March 2016

My partner and I were arguing a lot and could not feel the passion anymore with each other.
We were growing apart. My partner absorbed himself in his work and I felt he was avoiding home. He felt I was not any more attractive to him and spending all my time managing the kids. The program came to us in the right time. It helped us to get straight to the bottom of why we were feeling the way we did, and why there was so little connection and desire to be with each other. Our relationship has changed for the better, so much more passion, love and respect. You have given me back a husband that can't wait to come home to me. It amazes me how it also rubbed off on our children; they like to do activities with us again, together as a family. You made me the happiest mom in the world!

Lyn & Karl Cummings- Mandurah, Australia. November 2015
I felt my marriage was done and over with and did not see any other way out then to file for a divorce. 
I then met Ian and Rose and together with my husband Dave we did the program, to give it one last shot.
To this day, we are so grateful we did. Not only did the course help us to communicate again and feel great respect for each other, we feel more love and passion then when we first met. This truly is a miracle as the spark had been gone from your marriage for over 10 years. And...we can meditate now. Thank you, we owe you everything!

Sue and Dave Armstrong- Perth, Australia. September 2015

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